contentheading-icoA “Conversation” on Clinical Supervision

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On the shore of Lake Lanier, with a “tree top” view of the surrounding woods, is a wonderful venue for person to person learning.treetop

“Conversations” provide an opportunity for small group interaction with acknowledged Masters in their fields – a different CEU experience.

Limited to 25 Participants.

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Friday Harbour Associates…


A Conversation on Clinical Supervision

5 CEU’s Applied for| $90/ $100


An intervention that is provided by a more experienced member of a profession to a less experienced member or members of that same profession.

This relationship is evaluative, extends over time and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing professional functioning…, monitoring the quality of the professional service offered to the client…, serving as a gatekeeper for those who are to enter the particular profession, and increasing understanding of professional issues. (Edited after Bernard & Goodyear, 1998.)

Program Descriptionporch

  • Small Group Learning Led by Master Practitioners at Friday Harbour—On Lake Lanier
Sharing Good Food & Conversation with 25 Colleagues
Engaged in Participatory Learning



  • Learn 5 important ideas from each of 3 master practitioners of clinical supervision (small group conversations with each master)
Interact with the master’s panel discussion of current issues in clinical supervision
Receive usable feedback in response to pre-submitted questions from participants
Hear research based report delineating the most often reported helpful and unhelpful supervisory behaviors from the supervisees point of view


8:45 to 9:00          Registration

9:00 to 9:30          Welcome & Introduction

9:30                      Group Meeting 1

10:45                    Group Meeting 2

Lunch and a Walk in the Woods

12:45                    Group Meeting 3


 to 3:00            Panel Presentation


Master’s panel discussion of current issues in clinical supervision and “ from the Supervisees point-of-view”.

(Research Report)




This program is appropriate for master’s level practitioners providing behavioral health services with either a current or future focus on enhancing supervisory expertise.





Master Supervision Practitioners

Jamie Bray, LCSW


Jamie Bray is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years experience. Trained in a wide variety of interventions such as play therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma focused cognitive therapy and others, her practice specializes in working with children, adolescents and families. She has supervised extensively, both employees and interns, outpatient and residential. She enjoys working with beginning practitioners, establishing several clinical training programs in various settings. Popular with students and a wonderful teacher, many go out of their way to take her courses at the University of Georgia School of Social Work earning her the “Field Instructor of the Year” award. In addition she also currently chairs the Supervision Committee for the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work. A committed clinician and educator, she enjoys sharing her experiences with young professionals and mentoring their start-up in mental health careers.


LeNora Ashley M.Ed., M.D.


From her undergraduate degree in music at the University of Miami, Dr. Ashley began the first of her 3 careers as a Music Therapist on an inpatient children’s unit for seriously disturbed children. Then she returned to school, obtained a Masters in Education with Learning Disability and Behavior Disorder Certification and was a class-room teacher with these same children. Her third career began with completion of Medical School, a Residency in Adult Psychiatry and a Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. She currently is Associate Professor on the Faculty of Emory Medical School and has supervised residents and taught Social Work students for the past 10 years. Her background as a teacher enables her to pragmatically focus on what “gets the job done,” with straight talk to parents and kids alike. She is expert in the most difficult and complex cases, urging professionals to spend less time on theory and speculation and more time on useable approaches with parents and school personnel. She also enjoys working with individual women on issues throughout the life cycle.


Polly Hart LCSW, BCD


With an undergraduate in Religion & Philosophy, and an MSW from Tulane, Polly began her supervising career in 1972 with students from UGA, Smith College, and Atlanta University (Clark-Atlanta). Theoretically agnostic, she proceeded to take the study of human behavior as her avocation, studying any academic discipline which would help explain what she was seeing in her office. The study became life-long and at times it gives her a very different set of lenses from which to view the human condition. She attributes her inability to rely any one point of view to her wide interests and propensity for skepticism about “traditional” explanations. She has spent the majority of her career in a family psychiatry setting with teaching, training, and writing as other ways to work with beginning professionals.


About Friday Harbour

Friday Harbour (getting its name from a lovely small town in the San Juan Islands off the Pacific Coast near Seattle) is the site for the “Conversations” programs presented by Friday Harbour Associates. It sits in a wooded area on the shores of Lake Lanier and has a small cabin, a round “Tree House,” and a large screened porch.  We’ll be using all of these areas at various times.  It is important that everyone who comes be aware that the programs are housed in an indoor-outdoor venue.  Please check the weather because for brief periods we may be using the porch (nicely protected but the same temperature as the outdoors) come rain or come shine.

Some parking is provided on-site and others will park a bit down our country road (300 yards) and be shuttled to the site.

If you take a walk in the woods, you’ll find the woods here are like any other woods–full of roots to trip over and a few buzzing insects. Our road is gravel, and the shoreline is rocky. It seems somewhat unnecessary to point these things out, but most CEU programs are given in large commercial settings, and Friday Harbour is certainly not that.  On the other hand, it is not primitive, and you’ll be more comfortable with us than you ever have been in an auditorium with its auditorium seating.  So if you’d like to try us, you are most welcome.  And if you love the woods, the water, and being in the tree tops, you’ll be quite at home.  

Polly & Will Hart